my life is a fucking mess

I’m in love with someone I’ll never have and it’s the most painful thing I will ever experience. 

The fact that people don’t want me, they want something from me, depresses me. This is the reason I’m fucked up.

2 am depression session the night before school starts back. Yay. Thanks.

I stay up late because the pain at 3 am is like a friend that I’m not ready to lose just yet.

Most days I wonder if I will ever be good enough

Falling for someone isn’t the hard part.

Putting yourself back together after they leave is.

I want you to text me and say that you don’t care about me and that you never did. I want you to say that I was the worst thing that ever happened to you. I need you to make me hate you. I need you to kill how I feel for you. I need you to make me hate myself one last time.

I can’t get over you and I just need you to kill it for me. Because if you do this one last thing for me, I will know that you did once care for me the way I hoped someone could… I just need you to take my pain away by killing what’s left of what we had. I’m hanging on for nothing and I’m sad. 

Don’t take your friends for granted because one day, when you really need them, they wont be there anymore. 

Where’s the fun in life if you don’t stay up late, break the rules, make someone mad, speak your mind, or put your foot in your mouth? What stories do you have to tell your children or your grandchildren if you don’t go out dancing with friends, get a little drunk a few times, or get a ticket here or there? Life isn’t about playing it safe, it’s about LIVING, that’s why it’s called life. Don’t be afraid to live a little. 

My rules for a happy life.

Love who you are.

Make yourself happy.

Love whoever you want.

Don’t care what other people think. 

finally over you. 

I’m too lazy to even be lazy anymore 

I’m always falling for the person who I can’t have.

Always desperately wanting that one person who doesn’t want me back.

Forever doing anything to make them happy.

But never receiving anything in return.